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For centuries the best magicians have learned the secrets of this art from other magicians. Sure you can learn tricks from a book, a video, or a magic kit. But the secrets of a true magician are passed down from magician to young magician in person

Learning Magic Builds Character

Always be on time. Always be kind to your audience. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Never interrupt or interfere when others are performing. Never say you know how a trick is done.


Always be on time. Always be kind to your audience. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Never interrupt or interfere when others are performing. Never say you know how a trick is done.


Never brag about what you can do. Always be ready to learn. Admit your mistakes. Listen to and learn from others. Be kind. Help others succeed. Give credit to others. Enjoy other people's success.


Practice, Practice, Practice. Always have a plan. Have everything set-up. Know your beginning, middle, and end. Be ready for questions like, "How did you do that? Can you do it again? I know how you did it."


Allow yourself to be different. Don't take ideas from others without permission. Don't be afraid to fail. Add YOUR personal touch. Creativity is developed and not something you're born with.


Be happy. Smile. Be excited about your performance. Use your voice and use hand gestures. Don't be too loud. Have good posture. Sleep well. and eat healthy, so you have energy.


Be your best you. Don't pretend to be something you are not. Be truthful. Don't blame others. Don't try to impress. Know the goal is to entertain. Don't try to make friends, just be a friend to others.


Introduce yourself enthusiastically. Remember you are performing your magic as a gift. Be Prepared. Know what you will say. Engage with your audience. Trust in your practice and have fun performing.


Be Authentic. Give without expecting anything in return. Be Creative. Create a memory: the real gift is the feeling they get. Be Humble. Don't tell others what an amazing gift you gave.

Mystery Of Magic School Will Host an Innovative “Discover Magic” Educational Program in the Oviedo Florida Area

National Educational Program Co-Created by Famed, Award-Winning Magician Michael Ammar Teaches Essential Life Skills to 8-12 Year Olds Discover Magic, an innovative national educational program specially designed to teach key life skills to 8-12 year olds through the process of learning to perform magic has announced that SongBirds - Music Art And Dance Center will be the exclusive site in Oviedo, with classes running year round. Classes will be led by local magician William Green who has been performing for 10 years and is the owner of Special Event Entertainment LLC.


   The concept for the course was developed and researched for over twenty years by internationally-known award winning magician and educator Michael Ammar, but it finally came to life when Brian South and Michael Rosander joined the team; both experts in the field of creative educational entertainment for children. Studies have shown practicing the art of magic helps students to build key qualities like self-discipline, self-confidence and interpersonal abilities. In fact, scientists frequently study magicians’ techniques to gain new insight into how the human mind works.


  The Discover Magic course is an educational program specifically designed to teach not just magic, but how to interact successfully with other people. In fact, it’s best described as a life skills course camouflaged to look like a magic lesson. Kids become so engrossed and entertained in learning and performing the magic tricks they don’t realize they’re also developing incredibly valuable communication skills. Indeed, many opportunities for performing magic tricks arise later in adulthood, whether as an ice breaker for a businessman or a doctor who uses magic tricks to put their young patients at ease. Every Discover Magic class features custom created props, one of the Traits of a True Magician, Top Secret Private files for every child and even special Bonus material the kids can unlock with a secret code after class. The tricks taught are specially designed for small hands and first time learners, that will not only fool adults, but will develop and unlock exciting possibilities in every child.

Micael Ammar And William Green

Matt Franco 

Winner Of Americas Got Talent

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Let Me Introduce You To Your New Principal

Hello future students,

My name is William and I'm proud to be your instructor. I have been performing magic for 10 years and I would like to pass the tradition on to you.

My team of experts and I are going to share with you some of magic's closely guarded secrets. Not only am I going to give you some awesome props, but when you graduate you will receive a certificate of advancement and an exclusive wand. I look forward to sharing the stage with you in this awesome program.

Special Event Entertainment LLC.

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